Monday, October 2, 2017

Bingo & Damp stretching

I managed to do all the things in one week that I want to get done in one week. Does that make a routine or a lucky week? So bingo to me.

Writing and studio time were a major factor last week. In the world of writing, I had some research to do on Canadian life-styles 1900-1925, fireflies, fly-fishing, and radio. That was fun. For instance, did you know that the female firefly lights her bioluminescence lights at ground level, while the males light theirs higher up in the grass and bushes. There are South Asian fireflies that can coordinate their lights so that the entire group flash at the same time. What a sight that must be. Ka-flash-hold-and-out. I also learned that the first radios, while able to find hardly any sound because there were few radio stations, still cost as much as a car. The other cool fact was that an earlier radio had multiple earphone jacks for the entire family. The family sat around the dining table listening to the same program, but each person heard something slightly different because the tuning was so imprecise. I wonder what an I-phone family event would look like if we all plugged into the same jacks?

On the studio side of things,

I damp stretched my two 3 foot long pillow case edges. I am creeping up on joining them with the handmade lace you saw last week.

Each piece tends to curve gently in one direction or another, none are straight.

I think I will have to do a lot of basting to make sure each piece lies flat against the other.

I like to do clothes sewing on the weekend when possible.

I like to add a splash of colour on the inside of the collar. It is a lovely brushed cotton.

Phoebe and I don't like cuffs much. I shortened the sleeve slightly and added a lining to the inside of the sleeve. It has a very small peek out when folded flat, but when turned back, the accent colour shows again.

A small colour hit on the back of the shirt where the back is slightly pleated.

A little bit of yellow button sewing and this shirt is finished for Phoebe. It is the Sewaholic Pattern 1501 by Granville. I really like the outcome but the instructions are not great. I made a slight modification to the shirt. It should have a flare out over the hips, but the previous shirt flared out too much for Phoebe's taste and I straightened it. It won't be until the end of October until I know if it fits. (Insert nail biting here)

Last winter I wanted a simple black wool skirt. I bought what I thought was a black wool blend, but it turned out to be a deep brown.

I'm trying again, but this fabric still reads brown to me, although multiple people walking past the sewing machine assure me it is black. The pattern is Selene by Colette Patterns, 1035.

On the horizon is a shirt of this lovely cream/green flannel for Steve.OK, today is Monday. Upstairs vacuumed, check; blog done, check; bathroom cleaned, no check; gym? On my way.

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