Monday, February 12, 2018

A good studio week

On weekends I try to sew clothes. I think I said that recently. The week had been moving along so well that I couldn't bear to change directions although I did try on Sunday to get a few small things prepared to sew a shirt for Steve.

On the paper and cloth side of things, I managed to do some pin tucking. A double needle is used on the sewing machine and two lines of thread are inserted into each needle.

I pin tucked some paper,

some cloth,

and some glued paper. The twin lines show up best in the cloth, which is flexible enough to tighten up and show some texture. On the paper, it adds a ghost of line-work.

I wanted to make some paper lace as well. I used an easily torn paper, free motion embroidered circles along an edge and then tore away the unsewn parts. While that was happening, I had a stroke of brillance and this happened. I haven't any plans for them yet, but I think they are kind of cool.

Oops, sidewise photo. This is a long paper piece. Long pieces are so hard to photograph. I moved it to a beige background and took a couple of close-ups.

There are three kinds of torn paper sewn by machine together, then I added some couching and stitch work. The bottom edge is the paper lace I was speaking about. I am using two spring like greens, to help keep me from tearing my head off. I like snow in winter. It is bright, reflects whatever sunlight we have, hides all the brown and is romantical (once I have finished shoveling the paths and driveway). It has been a dreary grey/brown winter so far, my least favourite colour.

Towards the bottom of the paper I added a small patch of lace and french knots. Looks like a better close up is needed. Tomorrow's work.

While waiting for something to happen, I forget what, I sketched a bit. Girl waiting with bus stop. It is a mobile bus stop, she can take it anywhere.

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  1. I have so enjoyed watching your work develop these past few weeks Laureen. You are creating magic over there!