Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Toronto part three

Well, there was more.
There was.....

visiting with Steve parents, Judy and Terry and brother Jim.
There was...

a visit with Steve's Grammy Kay and his Aunty Diane. I love this part of the story. Grammy Kay had a baby, Bob while in her 40's and shortly after her eldest son's wife, Judy, had Steve. So Uncle Bob was about a year older than Steve. They played together, did boy like mental torture to each other and the assorted male whatnots and in high school, Uncle Bob met Diane, who was in Steve's class. So Aunty Diane is Steve's classmate. It kills me. Grammy Kay now lives with Bob and Diane and it has turned into a great situation for all of us, Thank you Uncle Bob and Aunty Diane.
Then Steve....

(also known as Bullwinkle) pulled a rabbit out of his sleeve and discovered that the restaurant we had had our wedding dinner in was still in operation. La Bruschetta on St. Clair West is still being operated by the same family, only now the daughter Sylvia is the fantabulous chef. The food was divine! It was a great evening.


We had hotdogs and sausage outside of the Dome Stadium. They taste better standing ont the street while you wonder if your seats will be any good and if the game will be exciting. Sometimes the reality of the ballgame can kill one's tastebuds, so we have learned that is better to eat a dog with the flavour of anticipation as an ingredient.

The Jays tanked out. Lowest crowds ever, lowest energy I've ever seen, it was like a funeral was happening in the dugout. But the beer was good and the caramel corn was yummy.

I had Steve committed. No, this is really the outside of the building he loves to bits.

This is the inside of the R.C. Harris Water Filtration Plant, that Steve does his research about. Those windows in the back had been covered over after the September 11th mess because who knows who might have done something bad to the water. The Mounties showed up, (with out their horses) and did the labour. As the building is being reclaimed and restored, these windows were a hot topic and finally, they are once again functioning as light leter-inners. Yes, there are life rings at the pools where the water is filtered, just in case. It is a very cool building and should you ever be in Toronto and a tour is offered, it is amazing to be inside.

Sheese, I just hit the "publish post" button without having thought of a witty closing statement. Amateurs. To conclude, there isn't a conclusion yet. The highlight of the trip for me was the weaving course I took in Barrie. I will excite you silly with that next post. (I don't think there will be a stunning closing sentence, the spirit isn't moving me tonight)

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