Friday, April 23, 2010

Travels to Toronto, part two

Some months more things happen than is usual for an entire year. Our trip to Toronto was so intense, I am only now beginning to remember all that we did. It's a good thing I had this camera because otherwise a lot would remain a blur.

The R.C. Harris Water Filtration Plant in Toronto, in the Beach neighbourhood.... Steve's reason for going to Toronto was to complete his research.

My reasons for going to Toronto were to help my mom with her Happy Hands Baby Shower at which around 500 pieces of hand knitting were gathered,

and celebrated. These items go to new moms who are in deep poverty, distress and for some, it is the first time anyone has taken the time to make something for them.

My sister Rachia flew in for my birthday party and she is here beside my mom, helping with the Happy Hands party. Isabelle, our lovely hostess and sister in law managed to slip out of camera view every time, but you'll see her in a bit.

Vincent, darling brother, deserves to have this photo go public. There is one more image I am saving for his 50th birthday and then we can call things even. This is for all those boys who phoned me in my teens and you tortured. Love ya! Vincent is celebrating his 48th birthday, and Steve, Isabelle and I took him bowling because he dared us to.

Vincent and Isabelle peering at the scoreboard, astounded that I have as much as 8 points and that Steve is hot on Isabelle's tail. Isabelle trounced us all. We were worried that an hour of bowling would be too little. After 15 minutes, Vincent's hip was hurting. After 20 minutes my fingers were sore. Steve and Isabelle wouldn't confess to any pain, but at the 45 minute mark, if mutual competition hadn't been involved, we would have been all set to quit. As it was, we struggled through the last 15 minutes and limped to the car. It was great fun. Last time I bowl 10 pin though.


Me! We had a great birthday party. Steve turns 50 in the summer, as does Isabelle, but that was flying under the radar. Melissa, my niece arrived and eventually so did Tyler, who had to travel from Kingston.

This covers our trip Monday to Friday. We also visited with Steve's mom twice, took numerous GO train rides, subway rides, shopped, saw 4 Reference libraries for research, took my mom out to dinner and had a lengthy discussion about what makes a good birthday cake. There's more to come......

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