Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Toronto travel log

I thought I would have time to share with you travel anecdotes and photos. Hahahahaha Ha. Today, the 10th day of our trip, I have now enough time and energy that I can string a few thoughts together, but forget any photographs. Here's an image for you to consider yourselves.

Steve and I are both in towels after a shower, neither has taken enough time to dry off, and we are fighting over who gets the ether cable. He is taller, stronger and has a moral right to the damn thing because it is his research money that is paying for this trip. I am shorter, fatter and sneakier and have few morals most of the time.

Decide who wins.

We have been having a very intense 10 days. When I am in the middle of traveling and my body parts drop off at every intersection and transit transfer point, I have trouble remembering the good bits. When I get home and review the photographs and the memories, I can pull together a pretty positive adventure. If I shared with you now, it would look like a battle field from WWI.

Now we are in Toronto, about to leave for a nostalgic meal at La Brushetta. We had our wedding meal there 23 years ago and it was fabulous. We have high hopes.

Tomorrow I head out to see my Mom for the last time this visit and hopefully convince her of the excellent benefits of a library card. Thursday we head up to Barrie for a weaving weekend and Steve will be like me. I will have the focus and game plan, he will have to fill his day around that.

Closing Image for you to conjure up:

Steve and I, this time appropriately dressed, sitting about 10 rows behind first base at the Rogers Centre (formerly know as the Domed Stadium, why do they change these things?). We each have a beer, Steve has a blue foamy finger on and I have my knitting and we are booing White Sox players. Steve is in charge of feeding me a hotdog so I don't have to put down my knitting but he won't give up his foamy finger.

What will happen?

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  1. Well, it's pretty obvious that what will happen is the Jays will lose. Neener neener.

    Your soon-to-be-disowned Red Sox fan of a son.