Monday, November 29, 2010

26 Days of Silence exept it was pretty noisy

Where have the last 26 days gone?

There was some of this.

Steve performed at the College of Sustainability's "No Talent Show" and we had a hoot.

There was some more of this.

We ripped a built in dresser out of Lucas' room, painted Phoebe's room, sorted out a few piles of junk, and had 10 Quakers over for a discussion on the pamphlet "12 Quakers and Pacifism" while we ate some split-pea soup.

I was having trouble being inspired but Cheryl and I were back on the task of finishing "Gingerbread".

My shoes were having troubles drying out.

There was some variety in the weather.

I finished a Christmas present but can't show you because that would spoil things.

I spent one whole day scouring the city for Dutch candy for St. Nicolaas Nacht celebrations only to give up, tell the kids there would be Canadian candy in their shoes when lo and behold the next day, while I was buying Steve's shampoo, there was some of the Dutch chocolate.

When along came last weekend and this turned into this.
Thank you Scott and Cheryl!

all images from google images except the last one, that is by yours truly.

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