Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Intentional Dots - one

As part of my ongoing crisis of focus, I figured out I needed to be stitching, using colour and not getting preoccupied with a deadline or a final outcome. I was trying to think of ways to do a stitching journal, knowing that it can take hours to get a very small space fully stitched.

(detail of "The World in a Chamber" 7" square) Took ages to sew.

I had hopes of taking a panel of linen with me to Spain (oh yes, we are headed to Spain in a few days, along with friends Cheryl and her side kick Scott) and interpreting each day's happiest image into threads. But what colours, what threads, how much time, would the people we will be traveling with kill me? Will it interfere with the wine and tapas? Can't have that! I am seriously committed to the wine and tapas. I abandoned the idea but felt really, really restless.

I tried to vision it again and decided to concentrate on one shape, the circle. I couldn't for the life of me figure out how to narrow it down any further beyond the back ground fabric. And even there, I gave myself two choices, an off-white, lightweight wool shirting fabric and a white sheer thingy. (warning: bad photos - so much rain I had to use artificial light and the colours are a mess)

A cunning impulse -- I called a friend who has 3 daughters with a good age range. They were all home from school and I ran over with my threads, beads and plastic baggies. I begged them to choose at least 3 items each, not to look at what the others were choosing, and to add in more if they wanted.

After I giggled my way home, I looked at the overall selection and decided to add in some crystal beads, a pure white, a punchy apricot and a tame peach. Everything is in small ziplock baggies so that I keep each selection set discrete. I might go mad and mix it all up, but that will be later.
The challenge is to sew a polka dot every day. I have 4 sizes to chose from, small if the day is busy, large if the day is slow. Each day I chose a different baggy and just let things happen inside the polka dot.

day one
day two
I can package this project up in a small pencil case and bring it with me to Spain. I won't be blogging about that while away, but will when I come home. In another attempt to connect with intentions, I am going back to the old fashioned method of writing a journal while away. New journal, tape, glue, scissors, and my trusty mechanical pencil.

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