Monday, June 13, 2011

What's a blog to do?

I've been in a turmoil about this blog folks. Ever get so that those voices in your head start to be more powerful than the voice inside your heart? I do and it is usually a battle royal to see which way things go.

The focus on urban gardening and related themes is a little strained right now. Rain... tons of rain. There isn't any gardening happening really. And related themes? I don't know, I just feel a bit tired of spouting on about them. Lone voice in the wilderness syndrome I think.

The new potato bed with red and purple potatoes, eventually. Also a transplanted peony that didn't sulk, some phlox and a lovely thistle.The new raised veggie bed with peas, loveage, bee balm, sage and tarragon this year. To the left is deutzia and eventually, onions. Behind are herbs, tomatoes and lettuce. Maybe carrots if they germinate.

I've been tossing around the idea of focusing only on "Hot Flash Woman" but it takes a lot of effort between sets. It takes about an afternoon to get one drawn and scanned and transferred and posted. If nothing goes wrong. Mostly, the rhythm of "Hot Flash Woman" feels wrong. There feels like too many days or posts between sets. This is why I thought I should focus on only one thing. But as you can see, not a lot has happened with that concept.

This is how a Hot Flash Woman idea starts. And stalls while I sort out the images in my head.

Last Saturday I met with my great group of friends from around the province. We all work in textiles, there is a huge variety of styles, approaches, philosophies and marketing. After listening to some great conversations, I went to a few of the blogs that these ladies host and became further confused. Maybe I should be concentrating on just my art work? I looked around my studio and thought, "That ain't gonna work either."

I've been getting ready for a house tour that happened last Sunday. Go to (sorry, I cannot figure out how to fix this next bit) On the right hand side click on "photo albums...then Quilters Quarters House Tour" at the top.  I have been so busy painting rooms, installing a carpet, prepping the garden, cleaning, hanging quilts and curtains, and what not, that I have only had time to get the next few projects pinned up on the board. There has been such a lag between idea moment, sketch and pin up that I can't even remember what one of them was about.

I've been staring at the design wall, trying to think what are my intentions? What was each piece supposed to be about? In my sketch book, things look something like this.

Not a lot of details are there? I often work out the dimensions of the finished piece long before I figure out the contents. With those facts in place, I feel I can then play around to my heart's content inside the space I am trying to create. On the other hand, what was the challenge I set myself?
Through a variety of conversations, some with myself, because i can be very illuminative with myself, I hit on the idea of a meditative, journalistic piece. Thank you to everyone else who has had this idea, I certainly didn't invent it. I am intrigued.

Some sites to visit for your interest are:

Judy Martin at

Spirit cloth at

Penny Berrens at

I still don't know what my plans for this blog are, but at least I'm back to writing in it. Thanks for letting me talk some stuff out.

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