Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Hot Flash Woman's rest is nearly over

To my....Wednesday mornings has been dedicated to Hot Flash Woman, drawing, scanning and posting her. I decided Wednesdays will be the perfect days. I sometimes have spinning on those mornings, so every Wednesday I don't spin, will be just the right enough time for Hot Flash.

But the.... is I have lost the next installment's dialogue.

All summer I have been trying to figure out how to present Hot Flash on the blog, should I get a new blog site, should I continue as I have, do these optional pages make sense. This is sort of like deciding to put wall paper onto walls, having no idea how to hang wall paper. Computer-ly, I've been rolling around in la-la land, unable to answer my questions because I haven't a clue how to go about finding the answers. Remember the first time you asked how to spell something, like 'restaurant' and some brilliant adult said "Look it up in the dictionary." and you thought, "What's a dictionary?" Some other smart ass hands you this big book that has been used to prop up the photo albums and says "Here." and smirks at you. You open it up. Once you figure out things are in some random order, like alphabetical, you then realize you need to know how to spell 'restaurant' to find you can discover how to spell it. Voila - the principle of computer land for old duffers.

After months of agonizing and not really talking about it my son, the computer wizard, I decided to just go ahead as usual. Then I decided I needed a new sketch book to draw Hot Flash in, but I haven't bought one yet. There are a few pages left at the end of the old sketch book, it should tide me over until the end of this sequence of adventures. Except, I have lost the final panel idea.

I looked here,
and here,
and here, where the third and fourth adventure series resides.
Along the way, I remembered I had to photograph some spinning I had finished for the next blog post on spinning.
Feeling discouraged, I decided that some organization is seriously needed. Hot Flash panels happen between sketches of my art pieces on dots, whales, and sine curves (yes you math-heads, I have a great idea about a sine curve, pilfered from a puzzle image). I'm hoping that while I get all the various scraps and notes and sketches into a single location I will find the last panel idea. If not, never fear. Hot Flash has adventures on the way to Ottawa, while in Arizona, sweating in Spain and back again in Halifax. She's a moving and shakin' kinda woman.

Then, I assembled all the bits I need to work on Hot Flash.

I need this,

plus this,

plus those things,
I should be more respectful of the ruddy computer; Hot Flash wouldn't exist if it weren't for the invention of blogs), and of course the lighted thingy represents CBC Radio Two (no voices to distract)
and tea.

This last item is critical. No work gets done unless the Queen of the House has finally settled.

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