Monday, March 12, 2012

Asperagus warning

Asparagus is in the grocery stores.
Don't succumb! Be brave, be bold, be daring and don't buy it. It is coming from somewhere far away. I know it's nice and green, it is nearly fresh and nearly Spring. What better way to celebrate than by having a heaping helping of a green vegetable?

But just hang on a little longer and wait for your own local asparagus to come up. It is only a few more weeks at the most. If the crocus and snow drops are up in your area, the greens are nearly here too.

If you must have something/ anything green, check out the spinach in your store. It is just possible that there is some local spinach available since it is often grown under plastic frames or in green houses for an early crop. Lightly stir fry some onions, garlic and raising in olive oil, place the slightly chopped spinach on top and steam until smooshy and you have wonderful side dish. Or chop up some boiled up eggs, chop some feta, toss in a few chopped walnuts with a home made dressing, and you have a terrific green salad.

I admit, I am having trouble passing by the salad greens these days. And my craving for an orange is killing me. Or a banana. Or..... but no... we can do this together. Just walk on by. Head for the free trade chocolate if possible or get some ice cream from your local dairy.

If you just can't resist, at least don't give in to the strawberries. They are miserable things this time of year anyhow. Limit your cravings to one thing and then buy some nice wine to give you courage to resist.

Good luck.

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