Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Hot Flash woman news bulletin

Coming Soon to a blogsite under construction.....
Christel leBlanc of forestfriend.ca is helping me format Hot Flash Woman and Steamy into a comic book that will be available at an on-demand publishing site.

We have worked out most of the comic's design concerns and are now getting a blog up and running as well as sorting out how to publish the comic so I won't have 493 copies in my attic. I figure I can give away 7 to family and friends and then my courage fails me as far as flogging Hot Flash Woman into publishing glory.

LinkThis is the page that started it all. I'm pretty excited with the turns of writing this comic. I'll keep you posted on our gal's entry into the world of ISBN (International Sellers Book Number). Finally, something to put on my gravestone.

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