Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Days Keep rolling by

I thought May was madness, but I discover that June isn't far behind.

I had a game plan for things to talk about, but lost the list.
I had a game plan for studio work, but a planned and an unexpected trip crept in.
I had a game plan for writing, but had something nearly accepted for inclusion for publication and became lost in editorial land.
I had a game plan for Hot Flash Woman, but she appears to be temporarily abandoned.
I had a game plan for the garden work, but went on that trip.
I had a game plan for a few things in between, but who the hell knows what happened.

So, here are a few scattered thoughts and perhaps July will be more organized.

The Daily Doodles continue, but not as daily-ish as I'd like. I was in a mood for colour, so have tried to use at least one colour a day lately. This is a bit too colourful, because it becomes too hectic.

This is a little subtler, but a lot polka-dotty. It is interesting to see the images come up on the blog here, because I see them isolated from each other and can see what the strengths and weaknesses are of each doodle.

There was a seat sale on Porter Air to Toronto, so my mom offered to bring me up for a visit. I am visiting my brother, Vincent and sister-in-law, Isabelle (mom inbetween them) and their son Tyler.

Tyler had a very painful mishap at a soccer game last week. Someone tried to kick the ball, but ended up breaking two bones in Tyler's shin. I'd say the guy who did it should get a season suspension, seeing as Tyler is out for the summer. Tyler had to wait two days for his leg to be set and it was so painful, they had to use anesthetic. A week later, Tyler is still ready to scream every time he has to lower his leg. So we gathered round the poor soul for some restorative steak and potato salad. We enjoyed it. Tyler slept.

It wasn't really a busy week, but it was stinky hot and that meant I was happy to read a book or three. We did manage to see the Distillery District, Allen Gardens, find a bathing suit that fit me, sun glasses with bling, and a nice cool summer dress. It was fun. But I am very glad that a heat wave in Halifax is less than 30 degrees usually.

The garden is lush. Since the photo was taken, plants at the back have filled in even more and the hydrangeas are going mad. It isn't a veggie garden by a long shot and I meant to talk about that last week. I will though, but not this time.

I'm taking an on-line course with Karen Ruane on sketch books and how they can be used to support exploration of ideas and colours.

I'm not sure what the protocol is on posting images from the course, so I won't do it yet. I will ask our fearless leader on the etiquette.

I did managed to get a poem for children written from beginning to end and it is hopefully being considered for publication. Again, am I allowed to post it on the blog before it is published? Sheesh. All these teasers and no answers.

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