Monday, June 4, 2012

Photo stories

The end of May was a whirlwind of activities. I may have already said that. How many times do you tell so many people what your cool plans are and then find out afterwards that you forgot to tell someone significant, like the person who usually watches the house while you are away? A lot? Well, that's how I feel. I am not sure who I have told what. I have decided a few photos will help me catch up. Hot Flash Woman is raring to go in the sketchbook, but I am behind in reaching goals.

A way of rephrasing that is that I have attained goals I wasn't expecting, while allowing goals I was hoping for to take a vacation.

Major Event One and Two:

Graduation for Phoebe, Honours B.A. in History of Science and Technology with a minor in Sustainability.

The Pre-graduation celebrations

In our finery,

The white stilettos are Phoebe's. Cost a million dollars.

Steve's first graduating class went across the stage this spring. I guess they aren't Steve's but the Environment, Sustainability and Society's first graduates. This group were able to join the program while in their second and third years so they didn't do the full 4 years. Next spring is the official gang of graduates. I had a VIP seat at the ceremonies, right smack in the front of the Provost (the guy with the best gown and hat) so I couldn't read my novel. I had to look sincere.

Major Event Three:
Ottawa, two day drive along concession roads - Nature calls:

This rather large dragon fly has partially transparent wings. On the left side, you can sort of see a bit of shadow between the darker stripes. From a distance, this dragon fly looks as if a bird has had a tasty nom, so a predator bird would think, "Oh shucks, all the good bits are gone, I'll look for another, fresher dragon fly to nom on."

Water bubbles dancing. This is the Canadian Mississippi River, just below a mill dam. This river flows into Mississippi Lake, and is not start of the big "M" river.

Five turtles sunning. There are a further three to the extreme left and maybe 3 on the far right, but the camera couldn't capture the whole gang. They are all alert as Steve and I stopped the car on the way to Wellington, the top of the Gatineau National park.

I have a ton of ideas in my head to write about, but right now, it's all spinning around. I'll be back next week with who knows what.

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