Tuesday, July 24, 2012

July on line course results

These photos show the sorts of things I've been working on for the past four weeks. Some of them may have been shown already, I'm a bit pooped from walking down to the waterfront and back in under an hour, in the heat. On top of that, I've sent off a children's poem for consideration in an anthology of poems and sent of Trixie Belle, Invincible Pirate to three publishing houses. Everyone.... think very positive publishing thoughts for me.

Rayon paper that has been glued and had more rayon paper slopped onto it's bottom edge. Eventually, it was machine stitched with tons of circles and curves.

The first sketch book exercises, mostly about techniques for mounting items in the sketch book instead of jamming them in with staples and paper clips.

This is the beginnings of taking an image that appeals and deconstructing it into abstract shapes.

Another way of looking at an image is to do it through holes and see what peeks out.

It was an embroidery sketch book course, so i had to do some embroidery. I went with the most simple interpretation I could, so I could keep up with the homework.

This is a slightly more complex way of looking at an image and finding patterns.

The end results of the above task.

Back to the image with the mauve and green. This page we had to take the images we had been developing, make cut outs onto the page, embroider bits and then glue them into the holes, stitch around them and then stitch elsewhere on the page. I cheated. I used pencil crayons to pretend I had stitched onto the page.

But I didn't cheat on my embroidered bits. Here is a water drop let and a leaf, all stitched up, ready to look charming if you ever open up my sketch book.

Remember, positive publishing thoughts for Trixie Belle!

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