Monday, July 16, 2012

The Other Pages

Hi All, I'm still plugging away. You may not have noticed that at the top of this page there are three other headings.... Garden.....Hot Flash Woman and.... Ledger Thoughts.

They are pages where I can upload photos with captions on related topics. Don't go to Hot Flash Woman's page, she's on vacation till August.

But do visit Ledger Thoughts. That's where some of the results of my online course are being shown. The Garden page looks nice also, but really, that's just boasting. I'm sure your gardens are all pretty nice as well. I put the Garden page together mostly for something to moon over in the winter months.

Between the garden, the Ledger course and the usual housekeeping, and oh yes, the writing, we've been making jam and freezing peas, reading and trying to have a good summer. Although a summer can be filled with tasks that are enjoyable, fitting them all in makes the summer feel like a bit of one long chore. So, I am off to swim. In a pool, where I might encounter odd leaves and dead bugs, but no sea creatures or sea weed or jelly fish or star fish or mollusks or whales.

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