Thursday, July 12, 2012

July's efforts

The Daily Doodles continue, but just to add spice to the mix, I've been taking Karen Ruane's Embroidery Ledger course

which is action packed.

My first effort, where we try pull out colours we like from the image and then try to match thread colours.

Then things go sort of mad from there. The course is on week three, but I'm somewhere in the middle of week two. I'm starting to hyperventilate every time I step into the studio. I'm using things I have thought of in years; water colours, Olfa knives, free motion embroidery on the sewing machine. That was nasty, trying to recall the trick to make the machine do free motion in the first place.

I've been drawing,  colouring,

cutting, pasting,

embroidering and learning a whole new set of steps to use Flicker and photos.It is taking more time than I expected, but it is interesting. The goal is to find different ideas to bring to an idea and different techniques towards how to think through the different elements of design.

So far,  so good.

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