Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Fall Offerings 2012

I didn't have a great summer for flowers but this little darling kept me amused. It is the foliage of the ornamental sweet potato plant. A lovely range of purples all summer long and it loves the shade.

Other fall offerings are now on the table. Steve had a Saturday of intense inspiration and he came up with....
 Caponata salad from Sicily. It contains the last of the field tomatoes, local egg plants, red onions, artichokes from Italy. Steve did not deep fry the eggplant but roasted it. He fried the onions and garlic, tossed the whole lot together and marinaded it in our favourite olive oil, produced in Italy on a small family farm and sold in Halifax by the Canadian branch of the family.

 I love the combination of tomatoes and tuna. A few onions, garlic and capers and delight. For a slight variation, he added some black olives and red pepper. The sauce should look a very happy red, but the shadows are wrecking the true colours.

I put both dishes on my spinach linguine. Steve was more precise and had the salad on the side. God, it was delicious. I'm so glad there was enough for another meal later in the week!

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