Monday, November 12, 2012

Intentional Dots - nearing the end

The Intentional Dots project is nearing its end.
The first of three layers has been completed for some time. I find it a bit loud and discordant, but it met the project's goals which was to have decisions taken away. The three sisters chose the thread and bead colours, I had to work within that framework to see what would happen.

This is free motion embroidery done on the sewing machine. It is sewn with regular thread on cheese cloth, known also as scrim. Any sewing machine can do this, it just means that the feed dogs have to be either covered or the gizmo that moves them is engaged to down. Finished, it lays over top of the coloured piece, like this.....

 and this.

A third layer, which I forgot to photograph, is sky blue and full of embroidered shades of white circles. It will lay behind these three pieces. A sandwich of dots. A friend suggested the title "dot.calm"

I have to figure out how I want this piece to hang, if I want to reverse the blue piece so it can be double sided and hang from the wall like a shop sign, or if I should space the three layers apart a bit, so peeking by the viewer can happen. And I have to find clear acrylic rod. It used to be that clear acrylic rod in different diameters was so ubiquitous that I could buy it when I bought toothpaste, but now I think I have to mail order to islands in the Seven Seas to get some. Who needs gold as a standard of wealth when clear acrylic rod is so scarce?

Intentional Dots draws to a close, Daily Doodles fell out of the wagon, but stitching continues. I will have a show and tell from my two online stitching courses for the next studio update. I hope you won't all be sitting on pins and needles. snort.

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