Monday, January 7, 2013

December photo and poem and ....

Still stunned here at home. Doc says the whiplash and concussion are still present and to not use the computer, do any lifting, bending, moving the neck, and the dishes. Naturally, after a good nap, here I am trying to get the blog kept up. And I'm lying about the dishes.... I'm a bit house bound.

Yup, December's photo and poem are a bit late, not surprisingly. This is the last of the images I'll be doing for a while, because we did not make a calendar for 2013. Seems only immediate family use it so we are not going to be sending any out to others this year. Kind of sad, but then it may become a chance to do something different with those images.

Yesterday the holly bush was looking lovely against a grey sky with snow gently adorning its branches. I've been told a couple of times, if I see something, get out and shoot it. I was tired and in jammies, thought it might be there today, but it snowed overnight and the bush is bent over with snow. Looking more irritated than lovely.

Most of the blogs I follow are doing a wrap up of goals met in 2012 (I didn't set any so I can say I was successful at meeting all of mine) and setting up goals for 2013. That's the sort of thing I used to love doing, writing up a list, any kind of a list and just jittering along until I could strike something off any one of my many lists. I was trolling through a sketch book from a couple of years ago, looking for an original image I wanted to revist, when I came across a very detailed list, with lines connecting things to each other, circles making groups and a few explanation marks hovering over everything. In magic marker I had written, "Stop Oppressing Yourself"

It seemed to work. Perhaps it is something that appeals to you as well?

And Finally.....

Ice on clothesline bends
sheets and towels frozen stiff
turning fingers blue

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