Monday, January 21, 2013

On the edge of LaLa

Advice: just when your head is clearing up from a concussion, do not bounce on the bed.

I was bored, it seemed like a good idea when I hadn't been physically active for 3 weeks beyond small walks and small putterings around the house. Bored? Bed? Bounce! Bad!!

What does one do with oneself when one is restricted to the couch with little to no reading, computer, TV or other fun things. Well, after a while, I decided that I could do the dishes and I could spin. To spin, I'm still seated, my head is not bending up or down, left or right, I can let my gaze wander around instead of focusing dead ahead and it doesn't require a lot of intellectual rigor.

I decided to finish some old projects...

On the top is the latest skein of Romney, from the sheep "Floozy", heading towards becoming a woven blanket. In the middle is a two ply of merino. The colours are all muddy browns, pinks, greens and even the yellow is brownish. I received the bag of fleece as a door prize. Unimpressed with the colours, I decided to try adding some pink to liven it up. The bottom skein shows the results. Hmmm.

Floozy is looking like all the other Floozies I've spun. It must be close to 1000 metres by now, all done by the spinning wheel.

The colours don't look so bad here, but they are rather dull, don't you think?  It is spun on the drop spindle several months ago and now plied on the wheel.

Here is a single ply of earth colours plus a single ply of the solid rose pink. It just doesn't work for me. Now there is too much pink and it is kind of loud. I was hoping for a pinky earth affect. Probably I should have carded the two together before spinning, but hey, the bag of earth was free, the bag of pink was cheap and it isn't a project I'm committed to. I'll have to think of what to do with the remainder of the fleece and the entire bobbin of spun earth colours. Maybe a donation to the upcoming Maritime Fibre Retreat, but sssh, in case I change my mind.

Now here is something I can get a bit excited about. Before the head smash, I had put together the fabric pieces for this block and over the past three weeks, I've been puttering around it with needle and thread.


Detail shot of the 8" block. Time to gather some textiles for a second block.

And here is the Grand Christmas Present of all times, seen in public for the first time. Steve (yes, he did) asked for a toilet paper cover. I have no idea why. I think he wanted it originally for the camp, but no way Hosay. Do you know how  many pill bugs can hid in this? Ick.

A crochet rose on top...

with a band of stocking stitch around the perimeter. Ain't it grand? Since he asked for this beauty, he is now in charge of making sure it stays filled, meaning, one less job for me. Win-win.

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