Monday, January 28, 2013

A little more LaLa

Well, I'm really not supposed to be here, so ssssshhhh, don't tell Steve.

I've been keeping busy doing small chores. This is a doll blanket made for my mom, Riky, when she was a child in 1945. It was made by an older sister for St. Nicholaas Nacht and the material is parachute cloth. It is from the parachutes that dropped supplies into Holland as Liberation came closer. I played with it when I was little, then my daughter played with it. I snuck it away from her when the doll toys went into the attic. I was worried mice might discover it. Since then, it has hung on my studio wall as a reminder that loving items can be made from some creative efforts in times of need. The blanket had some small holes and a ripped seam. I added some yo-yo's to cover the holes, hemmed the seam and added a proper sleeve so it can hang straight.

I began this shawl before  Christmas and had only a few rows done before my klunk. I've been slowly working my way along, the lace strips require some counting and attention to additional stitches. The curved edge will eventually be the hypotenuse of the triangle shape. It is made from a lovely commercial tencel/merino single ply that I purchased.
Detail of lace section. Knit two together, yarn over. Increase at the beginning, 2 at the centre and end of each pattern row, Purl back.
For my next trick, I found the idea of dying fleece or yarn at this site:

Woman With Wings has several pictures of the process and the end products. She has a very nice blue. I am not sure how colour fast the beans will turn out to be or if she finished things off with a vinegar bath. I will keep you all posted over the next week as to how this goes. Woman With Wings took the beans at the end of the soaking and froze them for a soup later on, but I didn't think of that. I am using a pot that has had dyes in it, so I will chuck the beans out, just in case.

My next project for dying. These are black beans, soaking in front of our fireplace. One cup dried black beans, 4 cups water, room temperature for about 24 hours. While this is going on, I am soaking some natural coloured yarn in alum and dishsoap (without scent or bleaching agents)

The cats and my son find this very peculiar to have in front of the fire. Wait till they see what's going to happen with the lichen I have stashed in the cupboard!

 That's it for today. I hope to be back again a couple of times this week, with a dying report and a special on my sister's developing 50th birthday present. Yes, there will be spoilers, so Sister, if you don't want things spoiled, don't read those posts.On the other hand, if you want to give input while it is in process, this will be your chance.

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