Monday, February 4, 2013

Photos from LaLa

Last week I received this cool chart that helps me track the concussion symptoms and because I can be a nasty competitor, especially with myself, I have a contest to get my numbers as low as possible, as fast as possible. Out of a high score of 72, I scored an average of 29 last week. Just below half way to recovery.

 I am allowed to do the dishes,

And read if it doesn't make me tired. I panicked and we hit the library for a few books. The middle stack is mostly Steve's but I often read what he reads too. I hope that will keep me going for two weeks.

I am allowed to start the fire and sit in front of it, on the couch with a book. Sort of Circular, isn't it. So..... I pulled out my camera and snuck out to the back garden while Steve was shoveling the sidewalk.

 BUT THEN.....

Busted. Steve took pity and escorted me on a very short walk around the block.

And back to where I started. Today, I woke up and scored myself before eating. 13  Yes, this is unlikely to remain my score for the day, but I need some good numbers to give me incentive to stay resting. It's been an hour since I scored myself, do you think I can do it again yet?

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