Monday, May 13, 2013

Making Lace

Another course with Karen Ruane, my most favourite teacher in the whole world right now.

We are doing a two week on-line course on making lace. From lace, from old bits of sheer kinds of fabric, scrim (cheese cloth) and pretty near anything that strikes our fancy. Being Karen, it is all done in white. Given how much chocolate I sneak over the course of day, this is dangerous.

I've used tuilee, sheer gathered ribbon, a shiny lace edge, a cotton lace ruffle, an older cotton eyelet edge, and some scrim with free motion embroidery.

 This second one I've used three kinds of sheer fabric, more free motion embroidered scrim, and a sheer flat ribbon. 

Not much happened at this juncture, just a lot of zigzagging. Then we begin to hand embroider.
Lazy Daisy stitch on the old flat edging ribbon. The foggy bit is some tuille that is out of control.

Button hole lace edge on the upper part of the hole.

French knots on the left edge and a gazillion (40) picot edge loops on the right edge, running the length of the cotton.

Today's event had us doing this....
Machine free motion sewing on scrim cloth, adding in bits of fancy pants snippets from fancy pants textiles or laces. I'll find out in tomorrows class what we are doing with them.
It poured rain this weekend past. I've made more progress on my mom's quilt top. Photos coming on that by the weeks end, I hope.

Beyond that, I am working my brains out watching Phoebe do the yard work. She has raked, bagged, cleaned, weeded, scraped, painted and is now painting the back porch. I'm exhausted watching her. Time for a cup of tea for both of us.

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