Monday, December 16, 2013

Our Hero ! (plus something neat)

Our Hero is....Ta Da.... our son Lucas

He successfully defended his Master's Thesis in Mathematics and Statistics.
 In case you can't read it, the thesis title is "An Overview of a Novel Automated System for Detecting, Identifying and Enumerating Panonychus Ulmi Individuals in the Field"

As a family, including Cleo Belle, we took turns editing the thesis and giving too much advise. Cleo Belle gave too many footprints.
We drove up in wintry conditions.
 All the computer wizards had a terrible time getting the screen to work. The girl in the coffee shop who is also the keeper of the one and only cable asked them if they had turned the machine off and then back on again.
It was fixed and Lucas wowed us all with his poise, breadth of knowledge and several jokes.
We had cider and goodies at the local pub to celebrate, then we drove home in blizzard conditions. What a terrific day. I was so excited I hummed and sang most of the way home. Probably to everyone's secret annoyance but they were humouring me.

Bravo Lucas, the Master.

Tomorrow is a special event that you may wish to know about. It is called the Project for Awesome. 

Charities from all over the world upload short videos to this site in an attempt to gather both comments and votes. For each comment made for each video, that charity receives one cent from John Green, a terrific Young Adult author. Everyone votes after the videos are watched and the projects with the most votes wins a portion of the donations raised through other means. Last year (i might be lying) I think they raised over $300,000 and 8 charities received funds. Plus all the charities that didn't win the large amounts did win some  money through the comments. Some truly astonishing work is being done around the world. This is a real pick me up.

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