Monday, May 5, 2014

Busy as... Bees

Something I like with watercolours, but I don't know what I'll do with it yet.
 What a Crazy Two Weeks! I was in Toronto, visiting my Mom as well as attending a marathon Quaker meeting. Totally pooped last week. The To Do list on coming home was a mile high, but I rather enjoyed it, because the chores represented a new phase of life for us. Both kids fully out of the house, many repair jobs up to date, finances so messed up there is no reason to worry, cat healthy, teeth meet dentistry standards and all procreational organs non-procreational. Perfect.

In less than eight weeks, Steve begins a year long Sabbatical. We will have a year of doing what we want with our time instead of trying to remember fun in the face of overwhelming obligation. A year of heedless frivolity. Well, I still have to clean the bathroom and pay the bills, but only when I want to. And I can do these in my pj's. To kick start this year off, we will be heading to Turkey for 10 days. Complete lack of responsibility. My camera and I are pretty excited.

While I was away, the backyard woke up. The forsythia is ready to put out it's annual 20 blossoms. It is in deep shade. I am grateful it even tries.

Look! Isn't this mind boggling!
Michelle has pulled out a frame and is looking for the Queen Bee. The hive in St. Margaret's Bay has had a colony collapse. Michelle thought she would transfer some of bees from the hive in my backyard to the stressed hive and see if it perks up. Also, the hive in my backyard is doing so well, the gang is getting ready to swarm out. By cutting the numbers in half, perhaps the ambitious gang who want to start a new hive will settle down.
Studio work and painting and writing are still trucking on, but in comparison to this industry, I simply must sit back with a tea and watch in amazzzzzement.

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