Monday, May 12, 2014

Stitching stitches

I finally have the new piece underway. I meant to start this in February, but life and all that. It is based on the leaf of the linden tree and I'm using all-sheer fabrics. Nothing natural here. Look away if it bothers you. 
I sewed my first leaf, was very pleased with the way the stitching lines were going and then realized I had stitched everything on the back side, not the front. Being transparent, this is hard to tell, but it meant that the leaf arched to the right instead of the left. Now, you'd think after all the crazy things I've done in my life, a leaf arching in the wrong direction from the sketch wouldn't be a problem. But it was. I just couldn't settle down to the second leaf. I ripped out the darker outline, sewed it again from the front side, added some yellow stitches and pretended that I meant to do that.

I was able to regain my composure and added the second leaf, arching in the correct direction. Really Laureen, I should be able to just let that go seeing as trees have leaves that go every which way. Some people have to put their socks on before their pants, some have to do it the other way round. I have to keep to the sketch once the directions have been established.

One of my regular stops in blog land is Lillipopo.
on the date 3/31/2014,she shows several stitches that are new to me, a woven running stitch, a circular stitch and a buttonhole filler stitch. Below is the wrapped running stitch.

I cheat, as usual, and use the back of the needle to slide under stitches, rather than changing needles.

Here is the circular stitch. It must have a name, but I sure don't know it.

these little stitches have to go outwards from the circle, not along it, otherwise the next step is messy.

Here is the completed circle,
 and here is the finished little design.
We approach the end of this post. Did you know, I can vacuum the house while waiting for photos to upload. Amazing.

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