Tuesday, January 6, 2015


Ack, I'm climbing out from inside the cupboard that held bowls, vinegar, oils and a banana stand. It's clean in there and it's all rearranged with almonds, honey and crackers. What a waste of time except that this means the kitchen counters have been sanded, finished and gleaming. Steve just has a knack for doing these jobs when my brain is elsewhere. Yet what woman in her right mind stops a man from tackling chores that are a couple of years old. Not me, sand away, my hero.

It has been a challenging few weeks; flooded basement resulting in floating kindling; storage shelves that are normally calm and cooperative exploding into rebellion, hurling unwanted objects towards the front door; attic toys and costumes flinging themselves out of storage bins and slithering down the stairs.

I peered out from behind the studio door jamb and tried to duck. Chattels and brick a brack were not having it. A chorus of yells and insults galvanized me from the studio and into the storm. I boxed and bagged, called for a pick up by the Diabetes Society, rose early one bleary morning to get everything onto the porch and waved goodbye.

I thought that would be it, the dining room looks tickety boo, the living room trim is, well, trim, and the Christmas tree came down without anything breaking. I wasn't expecting sanding enthusiasm from Steve so quickly after all the painting jobs.

I am hiding in the studio, on the floor beside my arm chair in the hopes that neither man nor cat notice where I am. I am not going to find a place for the wheat germ today, it can wait.

Karen's new course has begun and I have two videos from "Swathed in Stitch" course to view. I was so knackered yesterday that while I was watching video one, Karen used the words, "This is so meditative", the Pavlovian Dog response kicked in and I napped. I really needed that snore but it was embarrassing to do it in front of Karen. Thank god it was a video and not a Skype class. So I don't know what we'll be working on this term. Stitching of course and that's all I need to know.

I have finished a Bee Challenge, the "Antimacassar". Every year my Wednesday morning Quilting Group, some of whom no longer Quilt, set a challenge for ourselves. This year one of us chose the concept of Antimacassars, those doily things that protect the arms and backs of chairs or couches. I snuck out of last year's challenge that involved an intricate set of seven words and this year, I think only one other person is doing the challenge (and not the person who dreamed it up). I propose we change choosing a challenging theme for creativity to choosing two really good bottles of wine and talk about creativity. Then move on to a game of Twister.

No pictures today, the swearing from under the kitchen sink as it is being reinstalled suggests I better go help.

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