Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Blizzard day

Somehow I always feel like apologizing for Blizzards in Nova Scotia. We rarely get the tons of snow that people out west do, so our Blizzards look kind of puny. What we do get is tons of moisture in the snow. The weight of the snow is very heavy. Often there are periods of freezing rain between episodes of snowfall, resulting in hidden ice. But on the surface, it all looks like a minor snow storm. At least it does as I write. There are a few more hours left of the snow part of the storm and then the rain is due. That's when things turn into real hell. Snow turns to slush, slush freezes into ridges, puddles freeze into ice sheets and then and only then, do the small sidewalk snowplows come out to destroy property and miss clearing the sidewalks.

We have a running argument in the house about shoveling. I say shovel often before it all builds up, Steve says shovel once or twice and now we both shout at the sky wondering if it is worth it to shovel before the small snow plow comes by in the hopes of a clear sidewalk once it passes, or will it just run amok over the cleared path. How do these guys do it, manage to miss scraping the snow off the concrete? There's a shovel part of the plow, it is supposed to be lowered close to the sidewalk, and the driver has to follow the sidewalk. How hard can it be? Last year we lost about a foot of grass on both sides of the sidewalk but the centre of the concrete was covered in ice and snow ridges.

I rant.

Snowed in. hmmmm what to do with the day? The usual normal Tuesday chores? Nah. Grab Steve and get him to do some chores that need four hands? Nope. This...

I am gluing pieces of tissue together with rice glue. It is part of Karen's (side bar to connect) current course offering. I've done it before and pulled out a remanent of tissue from an earlier course on the top left (yours) on the photo. This is a heavier Kuzoko paper with scrim and more Kuzoko glued on. The bottom right squoosh is torn tissue paper laid on top of each other several times with glue. Steve tells me that he made crowns like this in pre-school, using coloured tissues.Should I turn mine into another tiara when it is dried?

Close up, for what it's worth.

Steve is preparing for an online water colour course he's nervous about. I suspect that Steve the Perfect will manage fine.

Once it all dries then the sewing machine will come into play and eventually, hand stitching. While it dries, while it snows, while the snowplow destroys sidewalks the city over, I will quilt.

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  1. how wonderful that Steve is also an artist/crafter. the east coast here in the US was inundated with snow and here in Austin, TX we had 83 degrees F....like a summer day. unusual for this time of year but really nice. the cold will return in no time. i like the variety of weather we have here. the winters are usually pretty mild but not this mild.