Tuesday, January 20, 2015

A waterfall stitched.

Small photo selection today. I think I have a touch of flu so am headed towards the heating pad and other comforting things. Too bad chocolate and flu don't mix.

Detail of a small pink piece I started working on over Christmas. Almost done.

Pink Christmas piece.

Multi-media piece of watercolour, wood burning tool and maybe some marker.

I received a Spirograph kit for my birthday and started to play with that, cutting strips out and adding magazine strips. These are the back of calendar pages, which can be used as note cards.

The first note card I made, bird with purple wings.

Back to the woodburning experiment. Watercolour and wood burning tool.

Another notecard. I love this lady and her purse.

A small watercolour with wood burn tool and marker. 6"x4 1/2"

A close up of the waterfall in the previous image. Watercolour and pencil and needle holes.
Insertion for some embroidery.

Partially finished waterfall fabric.
Close up of partially embroidered waterfall. I'm not sure where the brown comes from, it is almost entirely a turquoise colourway.
Waterfall embroidery added.
Foamy bits added after the textile has been stitched into place. That was tricky. I pat myself on the back and go shuffle off to find some hot tea.

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