Wednesday, March 25, 2015

I (giggle) got stuff.

The postperson came through today, as did two people hand delivering items. Loot, loot, loot, loot.....

First off, I sent in a tip to my quilt guild. Due to a storm, I wasn't able to attend, so gave my fabulous tip to a friend who then sent me back my reward.

Oh yes, the tip is to use a yoga block when you are hand stitching. If you prop it up under your dominant arm's elbow, it gives great support and avoids elbow strain and carpal tunnel. You can also use it to prop up your foot, if you are short like me. You can rest your frame or hoop more easily on your thigh. A footstool works of course, but a yoga block is easier to fit in a travel bag.

I also use the yoga block to stabilize my laptop when I am working in an easy chair instead of at the table. Love my yoga block.

Then a lovely metre of high quality white cotton arrived across the table today. I was meeting my quilting group at the new Central library that has a coffee shop on the 5th floor. Due to incredibly bad parking in the entire city, we decided to meet where there was an indoor parking lot. I can now proceed with a piece that was stalled.

Next to get a giggle of delight was a stash of Japanese paper that I have purchased from a friend who represents the Japanese Paper Store (Toronto) here in Halifax. I am planning to make up a little sample package for my fellow students at Karen Ruane's class in London England. (soon, soon, soon)

The paper above has a lovely rose pattern and is a crisper white than shown, but the roses don't show up unless there is a dark background. I think this will be popular with the gals.

colours should be turquoise on your left, moss green on your right.
I bought these two cuties for myself, because, I just don't have any self restraint.

And last to entertain me was a package from Hedgehog Handworks (here) I had purchased some coton a broder, some cotton floche, large eyed Milner's needles and on spec, a half metre of linen cambric.

The top three are cotton floche. They seem to have a softer spin to them and a bit of a flatter sheen.

Those beautiful vintage handkerchiefs, undergarments, lace blouses and parasols were made from this. I am enthralled. I want more. I might not need more, but I want it.

It was a gorgeous day today. Sunny all day, melting and evaporating snow, not huge puddles, just the right amount of melting, crows going crazy over claiming territory for nests, and lots of coats opened to the air. Hats and mitts in bags instead of on heads and hands. That's a good sign of spring.

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