Thursday, March 19, 2015

Too tired for words

I think the images say most of it.

Our second time digging out from the basement because it is the only door that opens into the house. We can't open the other two doors at all yet.

Rain expected on Sat. Do you think we have just dug a pool for easy basement flooding?

Steve on his way up to shovel off the low roof that has already leaked a few times this winter from dammed up ice in the gutters.

He is standing on the wheelbarrow. Somewhere in there is the wood pile.

The long, long, long road to the bird feeders and a birdbath.

It's kind of pretty though, isn't it?


  1. oh my. are you able to drive places? seems overwhelming.....but, yes, it is pretty.

  2. This is the second photo in 24 hours of snow up there. A fellow instructor at our dojo had a photo his brother had sent of a roadway. I thought at first the road had been cut through cliffs that were covered in snow. They were snow banks.....
    Take it slow with that safe.
    Spring will come (though it is freezing here today)