Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Camp studio, dock repaired.

I thought a few pictures of where I work at the camp, what I did this week and the dock might interest you. However, I managed to reformat the camera and lost most of it.
Steve, working on the landing section of the new dock. He's a nut for leveling things. With tidal movements and rocks shifting, I suspect his new camp hobby will be leveling the dock over and over.

Landing stage done, frames for the sections out to the rock.

All sections and supports done, the rock has been reclaimed as part of the camp. The tide is halfway up.

Cleo Belle checks out her new dock, since the needs of the cat are really what it's all about. One of our stations of the cross for getting the batteries recharged is the rock, so I suppose it isn't all about the cat. Try telling her that, though.

This is where there should have been a lovely shot of the fold down table top with all my studio gear in bags and containers, the projects all laid out in their 'before'-ness and some pithy words. RE-format? Yes. Shit. The above is the last project of the summer, and it's a pity project. All my other projects are done which is good, but I needed to find something for the final days to work on. That is bad. I don't want to be starting something I don't really have the interesting in completing. The white stuff is waste canvas, it gets pulled out once all the stitching is done. The pattern comes from a book of Baroque patterns, and is a laburnum tree. I know... who needs a laburnum tree? Anyone?

The stem of a pine tree appliqued in wools on a wool back ground. The camera hates a white background, so the top is out of focus in every shot. I need to add some details to the tree and then it will photo better. This weeks project perhaps?

This poor darling has been on the back burner for ages. I ripped out a central applique that should have looked like a pinwheel, but didn't, re-appliqued the watering can handles and added the two borders. The last border needs some fussy filling in, but without an iron to straighten it all out, I didn't want to get it wrong. Something to finish in September.

This is the entry to the camp. The bridge is about ruined and was supposed to be this summer's project. Nope. We were also supposed to figure out a way to get the roadside solar gathering sorted out, so it wasn't on the edge of the road. Nope. The weird bottle looking thing is our shower, pump the handle a lot, build pressure and if it works, then a little piss of water comes out to shower under. Sitting on the roadside helps it to warm the water up. Sort of. Nope.
The weather was full of humidity, either by way of rain or fog. It became impossible to dry dishes. In between, there was a lot of wind.
This is how Cleo Belle coped. She had a point.
Mushrooms sprang up everywhere.
This one sort of looks like a fungus in the beginning. The chipmunks and squirrels were have a blast, they skittered from 'shroom to 'shroom, having a nibble and then heading to the next. There was a lot of rodent discussion about territory, but they were all gluttonous.

I called these the cinnamon pancake mushrooms.

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This is huge. It's stem is at least two inches across. Perhaps this is what is meant by toadstool, because it is large enough for a toad to sit on or under. It sort of explodes out of the ground, but then keels over when it is finished its growth.
Last year's landscaping resulted in a couple of steps up to the bunkhouse and filling in the area where rocks and roots wait to kill us.
This year's landscaping project fits in nicely. The log on the left leads to the outhouse/shower stall.

Finally, the view across Fox Creek.

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  1. the rocks and roots wait to kill camp looks amazing, love the water, the creek, the lake/