Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Vinegirl 4 is finally finished

This little sweetie has taken a couple of years to finish, simply due to lack of attention.
I am very happy with her face, it has a gentle expression and her 'hair' has a lovely sweep.
The back of her head has a bit of butterfly happening, a little unexpectedly. That's what happens when I stitch along without a plan.
The Vinegirls together. They each have a different stitch motif.
The Vinegirls from behind. Each one has an element I really like. I am fond of the tall one's back of head.
All together in their home. I found this chipped teapot on the grass verge two years ago and they all fit in. Not sure what a teapot has to do with girls growing up through vines but it will work for now. We're back to the camp for another week. Ta Ta for now.

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