Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Oops, it's Wednesday.

Summer reality....I don't really know what day it is except Today. I think I'll drivel on a bit Today. Do you ever have that experience while reading a book that the crisis moments coincide with things happening in your own life? My favourite way to eat breakfast is with legs up on the table, tea nearby, a huge napkin on my chest to catch the food falls and to read. I stopped reading mystery books because every time I sat down to read and have breakfast, a body was found, an autopsy was taking place or someone was being tortured. Genre change happened and now in the middle of adventure books, bodies are being found, bears are eating people, children are suffering. Even graphic novels contain these things. Reading the newspaper is not an improvement. So, for the fun factor, I began reading books for children ages 10-14. Today, an ogre stomped all over the trees and snot was involved. I turned to Miriam Toews "Some of my Puny Sorrows" in which one sister is trying to solve the suicidal impulses of another sister. Sad and frustrating. Maybe I need to go back to "Little Richie Ritch" or "Dot" comics.
Random visual because we need something here. A piece of watercolours, pastels and charcoal from a class on Abstract Painting.
Today, instead of reading, I considered the deeply philosophical question of how books always gross us out at meal times. Perhaps the deep message is to stop reading at breakfast. What on earth would I do then? Eat? Pace while eating? Watch TV while eating? Eating meditation? Do you just sit there and put food in your mouth? It's so boring. Steve is reading the Guardian on his side of the table and doesn't get grossed out over international news like I would. He has a stronger stomach. Maybe the other deep philosophical message is ..... I've got nothing.
Early stages of the finished piece below.

Sad and frustrating has ruled this past week. Our daughter has moved away, a two day drive away, and won't be back for ages and ages if ever. She will visit and we will visit her, but it becomes very different. I'm struggling to shift gears, no daily phone calls, no drop-ins for tea, no messing about with chores or gardens while we talk about things. Skype will have to become my new best friend. On the other hand, she is having an adventure, is happy in her new place, has a new comfy couch and has friends already in town. I will be happy for her as soon as I get over myself. Me and I have some talking to do.
In the meantime, I have watched ridiculous movies to take my mind off this, sewn on one piece, 
sewn a birthday present shirt, watched a back-log of videos from Karen Ruane's current class and wandered around the house, sort of packing for a week at the camp.
Phoebe sent back some really good donuts, via her Dad, who had to return the van back to Halifax. These donuts are amazing. I am going to have half a breakfast donut that has blue icing and FrootLoops.  How's that for plotless whithering?
As a side bar, Karen Ruane is offering a 12 week course beginning Sept 7th. Go to her site (see sidebar) and in the shop you will find a description. I'll be taking it, although it isn't completely up my alley, but I learn so much and the group is always so interesting. 

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