Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Camp studio closed for another summer

We have closed up the camp, sadly, for the summer. The last weekend was beautiful and I had a wonderful time finishing off projects. Do any of you take your camera in for a check up? I just can not get white backgrounds to focus. Sorry about this.
The Laburnum Tree cross stitch without the waste canvas.
I have chosen a few fabrics to play around with but don't have a clear idea yet on where to take it.
The garden quilt is ready to set aside until next summer, unironed because it will just crease again. I have added two flowers to the centre and chosen the fabrics that will be used to complete it. I like knowing I have something in the cupboard that I can pull out that the decisions have been made about, so I can relax while stitching.
Blue scarf for me... I have mitts and a hat with this teal colour in them, this scarf will go well with them. It is rather short, more of a neck warmer. I think this will work better for me, because I walk fast and overheat under my winter coat. I can easily slide this into a pocket and not have it drag behind me.
12 booties... I knit a dozen for my mom's charity in Toronto, "Happy Hands". She has a bunch of knitters make up layettes for very impoverished mothers. I contribute these booties every year. They are made from the remanants of sock yarn that friends give me. Every pair turns out differently and that keeps me interested.

Over the summer, I slowly constructed this shirt for Lucas' birthday. Again with the white background. It has a handsome brown hatching pattern between the dots. It is a little large on him, but I couldn't measure him without giving away the surprise.
There are nifty leather buttons that I really love.
This fall I am taking another course from Karen Ruane (here) and we begin by tearing up paper. I like it already. I hope to, no, I will return to writing and getting Hot Flash Woman back online. She has really languished this past year. So needles and pen and paper ready, set, go.

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