Tuesday, September 15, 2015

This blog's photos walked away

I started sewing on this shirt at the beginning of the summer, but it took me several attempts to find the right buttons. The fabric is a green challis, almost exactly the same colour as a shirt Steve already owns. Ooops.

Steve likes them loose and long. 
He likes a bit of a pleat or gather along the shoulders and a slight curve along the back hem. Good thing the Negreni/Walden pattern (colette patterns here) has all that. I had a better time understanding all the finishing details this time round (3rd) and have finally figured out the button hole foot.

Steve redrafted the collar details so that the collar doesn't lie too openly and look like a deflated balloon. However, I'm not keen on how the collar joins into the shirt front. Neither am I keen on the button hole placements. I didn't make any adjustments, I followed the markings and they just look wrong to me. 
There is also a bit of disappointment at the sleeves. The long sleeve version requires a lot of adjustments and the short sleeve version is a touch too long as well. What I am learning from all this is that a body form (a.k.a. a dummy) would be a good thing to have around the studio, to get better laying of lines and placement of details. Something to think about for a Christmas present.
My lovely model is getting impatient to leave for work. He has a job to do. See ya later, fella.

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