Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Stitching on squished flowers

I think the pandemonium is over for now. Or perhaps there won't be anymore, which I prefer. The memorial for Steve's mom is over and we visited with 41 family members in 2 1/2 days. We ate five huge meals, Steve and Lucas escaped to Starbucks 6 times, and there was way too much wine poured and consumed.
Judy's ashes are in the cactus cookie jar. A cousin of Steve's made the floral arrangements along with the food and drinks at the wake. Many thanks from all of us here, Denise.

I have been sewing on this project for the last few weeks.
You know, it must be this program, not the camera. I just went through all the photos and this one was very crisp in the ViewNX program. It is boring as hell here. Sheesh.

The fabric was made over the past two summers, when I used a rolling pin to squish grass stems, leaves and various flower petals between two layers of fabric (mordant with alum). I used the fainter lines to stitch 'grass' and the larger blobs to add some floral stitches. There is a lilac coloured curving line from the bottom left (yours) to the top right. I have begun to add lace and expand the area of stitching. I think it very pretty and it is certainly relaxing to work on. Let's try another photo.

Laureen, it's time to accept the reality that white fabric background is gonna flunk the photo standards. But the stitching won't.

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