Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Samples concluded

My samples made in Karen's latest class are finished and started wandering around the studio, getting in the way and nearly damaged twice. I put them in the closet but that wasn't too safe either. Apparently, the ironing board has issues with the pile of paper sitting on a basket beside it, and the two bicker a lot. The ironing board eventually erupts and smacks the paper and all goes flying.
I could hear the samples calling for help, pitifully, and had a responsibility to respond. I decided to make a book jacket to house them in. The top image is the front and back of the outside of the book jacket. The second image is the jacket folded in half.
I made a slip pocket for the back page, so the pages can be easily removed. The pages have been sewn together and made into an accordion style booklet.
There are 6 pages sewn together and when laid out, there is a landscape view, showing the connections between lines and dots.
 The sample booklet is on a shelf with other small books I've made and the arguing in the ironing board in the closet now has nothing to bicker about. 

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