Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Snoring into 2016

Lots of snoring going on around here. Steve and I are taking turns keeping each awake with it and in-between, the cat squeenores. That means she squeaks when she snores.
This isn't Cleo Belle. She would be most insulted if you thought her this colour. This is a Google image of entirely the wrong sort of cat.
I left my camera in its very secret hiding place over most of December. I haven't anything new to show, so I will entertain you in other ways.

No boobs were hurt in the making of this image.
First off, this is the most important week of the entire year. It's the week before my birthday.  
It is on January 8th and I make a point of telling everyone, all over the place. That way, I can be sure to get at least one card on time and a few "Happy Birthdays" on the day of. After about 20 years, my mom finally figured out she can send my birthday card/gift with the Christmas stuff, so for the first time (nearly) ever, she will be on time.
No gifts were wrapped in this fashion. That would be expecting too much.
I am meeting a friend for decadent sweets at a great bakery, Steve is taking me out to dinner somewhere. I told him I wanted to be taken out but he has to choose the location. Then he asked me if I wanted Greek or Italian or.... "Stop right there, Buddy. It's supposed to be a surprise."

Karen Ruane has a new course beginning now ( here). There's plenty of time if you want to join up and find out about fabric manipulation into pockets. Plus she is off on adventure to France this Spring and we can watch over her shoulder as she prepares for that.
Right now I have two piles of fabrics on the floor that the cat is skidding through. Dark blues in one pile that is part of a sashiko challenge my Bee is giving ourselves and Mauves in the other for Karen's class.

I don't know why there aren't any photos of the past month. The kids were here and that was worth photographing. I sewed a black shirt for Steve that looks pretty darn good and began one for myself that fits. I knit two sweater sleeves, decorated a tree, decorated a house, cleaned three rugs numerous times, had groups of people over at least three times, went to at least two Christmas parties and dug out from under snow twice. All pretty exciting stuff really.

You can be glad that there won't be any lists of the "best of 2015" It was all good. I made a point of forgetting the bad shit. I don't have any Significant New Year's Resolutions because I gave that up as a pre-determined disappointment years ago. Two years ago I resolved to write more neatly and sometimes I still remember. A few years ago I resolved to be more patient and peaceful. It's a work in progress. Last year I tried to drink more water but forgot when we had water rations while camping in August. This year I will try to use my electric toothbrush more so my dentist will get off my back. I have 6 months to get around to it.
Hey, I didn't fail. I just didn't get around to trying.

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