Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Pocket Away

You've seen bits of this over the winter. A pink floral hanky partnered with a white lace-edged hanky, free motion embroidery, lots of stitched embellishments and a sheer lining. Here it is in its final glory.

The two triangl-y shapes are fold overs. They serve no purpose beyond confusing the opening and adorning the surface.

Very small embellishment on the fragile lace-edged hanky. Single strand embroidery threads, very tiny cut-work, tiny applique.

A sheer lining and pocket, lace edge trim and hand stitched lace edge using button hole stitch. A little applique to anchor the corner.

The hand modeling the sheerness quotient.

One of the folded corners. I used transparent plastic snaps. Can't see them, can you?

A detail on the long edge. Three little yo-yos make a little floral bouquet.

A linen vase mat cut and folded and used to anchor the bottom of the pocket.

The original lace edge. I found the pink hanky in a newly opened second hand shop up the road. I am very lucky to have it, it has kept me busy and entertained for hours. This pocket, not something I would ordinarily think to make, now holds several lace pieces that I consider too good to cut up. Some hand work deserves to be kept intact so future generations can see the incredible skill techniques women used to have.

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