Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Once in a While stitch along

I have been inspired by the stitching over at Murgatroyd Hoots (http://murgatroydhoots.blogspot.ca/). She uses wonderfully strong colour combinations as well as layering one simple stitch over another. A row of chain stitches under X's or loops of lazy daisy wound through with a wrapped stem stitch. At another blog, Woman with Wings (http://womanwithwingsblog.blogspot.ca/) I have previously mentioned her Moon Practice. She had a 5 metre length of linen and every full moon, she stitched a single line of colour using a different stitch.

I have taken both ideas and made my own Once in While stitching project.
My pinky/taupe-y cotton is about 19" square. I didn't pre-plan, I picked up the first piece of fabric that I thought had a mellow background and began. I don't stitch whenever the moon is in a specific configuration, I stitch whenever the mood strikes me. I stick to one colour or combination, stitch in a curving line in a vague direction and stop when I hit an edge.

I have also stitched a few applique samples on, where lines can end up at.

I have stiched enough that lines are beginning to intersect and overlap. My stitch selection depends a lot on what Murgatroyd has done lately. If she has a neat cross-stitch and french stitch combination, I mimic it.

I am keeping to blues and greens and combinations of the two ranges of color. I like that it is a simple colour palette. Since part of the idea was to use this piece as a sampler of stitch combinations, I don't want the lines to get too crowded together.

This piece is getting close to an ending, I think. A few more lines and appliques.

My other stitch once in a while is taking place on a light brown linen.

For January and February I chose a deep barn red DMC and a slightly variegated gold brown DMC. I should be a better person and find the source in order to support independent small merchants. I'll hunt around for the invoice, but no promises.

The game plan here is to stitch for only one hoops worth, unless I'm stitching a straight line. There isn't any pre-planning beyond this.

I figure over the months, the repeating stitches and limited colour palette will harmonize the work. For March, I have chosen a readily available DMC floss from Fabricville, in a 12 weight. The colour is a darker dusty rose. I'm trying to decide... should I drop January's colour as March's come in, or do I keep all 3 colours going? Do I fill in the gaps between the first two months stitches or move to a different quadrant. I had originally thought to have each quarter be a season, but the linen is much bigger than I realized and I am using small stitches. I am looking forward to April's green, because it is currently very dull here. Lots of greys and browns and deep shadows.

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