Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Letter and p.s.

Dear Grammy, I miss you so much. I am sorry you are dead.

I miss writing letters to you and telling you about the kids and the wild life around us. The bird feeders are very busy these days. I have decided to make a small something or other that can hold the letters that I write to you from now on, since you are really not in any position to receive them.

I have started by using an old napkin and adding patches of your favourite colour, mauve. Sometimes I slip in a little purple, but that's because good mauves are so hard to find, as you know.

While I stitch on that little project, I have also begun to get materials together for a piece about water bubbles. All the froth that gets stirred up at the foot of small waterfalls and little creek rock clusters, as well as root beer floats have been on my mind for ages. I must find my photos of the Ottawa River that really show you what I mean.

Steve and I went for a walk near Chebucto Head and there were great frozen puddles. They have good bubbles also.
I've been fooling around with my twin needle for pin tucks. Sorry for the bad focus. Don't tell Steve, I didn't use the lights he set up for me because I was in a hurry. These are meant to explore bubbly lines in water.
I finally finished my "Take A Thread for a Walk" piece that I spoke to you about in my imagination. I won't make this into anything, but I will roll it up so I can look at the different ways to manipulate a long line of thread.

Everything is a bit out of focus today. I hope it is my glasses. Some camera days just are disappointing. I've been learning how to make a rolled hem but it is super hard. I think I am doing it wrong. Maybe there is a you-tube tutorial. You-tube was invented just a little while before you died. You probably ignored it.

My mauve flowers on the lemon scented geranium are out. That means Spring is around the corner. I hope the birds are lovely, where-ever you are.
Love Laureen
p.s. I think I heard a robin yesterday!

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