Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Another season of Squishing

The forsythia is in full bloom and that means.... get out the rolling pin, we're gonna squish things.

I have several cotton swatches from last year ready to go. I've pre-mordanted them with alum, dried and ironed them, because I have a notion that heat will fix the mordant more firmly. Not based on science, just a whim. Then the cat and I headed out and peeled a few branches off the forsythia and we added yellow to last year's work.

I love the scattering of grass that happened by accident last year, and have decided that every piece needs a few grass etchings. I have a lovely epimedium blooming at the same time as the forsythia and decided to experiment. That's what this is all about anyways. Tossing blooms hither and yither all summer and seeing what happens. The epimedium florets are very sweet. Four petals of a lovely red/pink with an interior petal of a creamy white. There are about 11 or more florets on each stem, which is very slender.

The plant shakes in the breeze rather than bends over, so it is always 'alive' with movement.

In this squish, using Forget me Not florets,  I decided to keep the florets on the stem and see what happened. The colours smeared into a diagonal swath . At first glance, disappointment, but,

once the squished matter is removed, a nice concentration that gives an energetic focus.These are two different swatches. I was inconsistent in my photo taking, no surprise.

The above is a paper piece that has a very fine rayon paper glued over the dried hydrangea leaves from last year. I've added some grass and forsythia on the top layer. Now I like this better. There is a blue flowering plant I don' t know the name of that I have to out after dark and steal from a neighbourhood store. Not very friendly folks, so stealth will be needed. Besides, I like the occasional thieving opportunity, keeps me sharp. I realize now that I've missed several events in this project that might interest you all, so you know what will happen next week. More of this.

This next picture has nothing to do with squishing, but it represents a huge success for me. It is a rough outline for a suggestion on how to re-organize our back door deck. It needs replacement and an ongoing 'discussion' are the dimensions. The back door now slams into the back of a chair, and it has to be continually moved to sit in the sun and avoid being hit by the door. Moving the deck has caused years of 'discussion' because it entails moving a very well built path to the basement door, woodpile and barbeque. There is a step down from the driveway to this path. The existing steps incorporate a huge concrete step that would kill us to move. I suggested a wooden path level with the driveway to the back area, with a ramp so the wheelbarrow and snow blower can more easily be moved up to the drive. Hauling 2 cords of wood every September down that step is murder on the arms and back. The sitting area can expand 2 feet one way and 4 feet the other. I sketched up my idea, not in proportion of course, and Well, guess what! Steve went for it. Naturally he had to get out the measuring tape and consider every angle, but for the first time in dozens of years, an idea of mine has been approved without days and days and days of 'discussion'. The best part..... it doesn't need ANY adjustments to meet Steve's approval. This page is going to be framed and hung over the bed.

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