Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Stitch a Story two

But let's get personal for a moment.

I have a bee helmet. When it is not being used for preventing Bees from getting in my neck, it can be used to pretend I am an Edwardian woman on Safari. I am feeling a bit German with my Capitalization right now.

The owner of the bees in our backyard bought this for us because I mentioned I might have to borrow hers when I had to do the weeding in the garden around the bee hive. I wasn't expecting this gift and it is crazy. I keep forgetting I have it on.

Blowing one's nose with a huge net in front of one's face is a bit acrobatic. I am pretty sure drinking beer or wine is impossible with one of these on. Will it prepare me for the fantasy of traveling to the Delta region of Botswana? I feel the need for a hippo statue to make sure.

Seriously though, back to studio work. We continue to pursue fooling around with altering books. Here are a bunch of images for your enjoyment. We are adding stenciled text to the pages. I have used Gesso as an under surface before adding markers or Inktense watercolour pencils to adorn each letter.

Unikkaaq translated from Inuktikut language means "tell a story" From my understanding of first nation traditions, one must ask a story teller for a story before it can commence. It is the proper etiquette.

Qujjuk means whale. Unfortunately, the one "J" on the left turned into a candy cane. I wasn't looking for that to happen and it is a bit disappointing. But this stenciling business is kind of fun.

In Rosie's Hat, the hat blows away on the first pages.The main character is the hat. The left hand page has the letters G and O outlined in double running stitch, DMC threads and coloured in with a purple/blue combo of Inktense pencils. The right hand side page has an under painting of Gesso, an outline of purple markers and then, once fully dry, the same Inktense pencil colours as the other page. GONE, since the hat has blown away.
Well, that's it unless you want to know about the Cat squabbling with me about who gets to sit in the Sun, or what possible relevance Freud has to do with Quaker Theology or how my son's Beard seems to be appearing on many young Men in the city and I think he is every where. Put a pair of Sunglasses on a young Man with a certain style of Beard and you have a Finding Waldo situation on your Hands. So here's the question of the day. Does the German language, which I studied a lot in the '70's, still capitalize nouns? Or is it so yesterday?

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