Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Stitch a Story

Karen Ruane's course (here) Stitching a Story began yesterday and it looks like fun. I've signed up and enjoyed the first videos. Karen's site has good photos and descriptions.

Each of has chosen a book or two that have interesting images to play with. I have chosen two children's books, Mama, do you Love me? by Barbara M. Joose. The story line is soppy and sentimental but the illustrations are vivid and active.

Illustrated by Barbara Lavalle, each page has something interesting happening on it. A friend took the spine off both books and re-bound them with coil stuff. They will lie nice and flat when I work on them.

This is the page spread that sold me. These two animals are so irresistable.

Rosie's Hat was also chosen more for its illustrations by Anna Currey. Rosie's hat blows away and is part of other people's adventures. As an adult firewoman, Rosie finds her hat again.

There is a third little book that is meant for as a gift for a person who reads this blog, so I can't share it until it is done. Don't all get excited, it will take ages to complete.

Some free motion lace embroidery is part of the third book. I am stitching small areas with white coton a broider thread, adding bits of lace and smooshing things together to get texture.

It is meditative work, but kind of crazy, since the details sometimes need an arrow pointing the way. My photographic work has stalled. The lovely background surface won't stay adhered to the door's back. I don't want any screws or other devices to show. We are pondering what to do.

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  1. The animals in the first book you mention are an absolute winner ... they are totally stunning!