Monday, June 20, 2016

Crazy Ass Week number Two

Yes, a second demented week. Due mostly to a head cold that has ended in the demise of an iris. Last night I decided that it would be a good idea to take a Tylenol for the pain. Then I decided that it would be a good idea to take an Advil for the swelling. Then I remembered that a small scotch can be soothing on a sore throat. After a while, I remembered that a small scotch can be soothing on a sore throat. We went to the back deck and had dinner, along with half a beer each.

The cat did something unusual. She went into the garden bed and hid behind a small flowering plant. Then she leapt out and over the plant. After a while, about 3 seconds, I decided that looked like fun. So I went behind the same small plant, crouched down, called the cat to look my way (she was a good 10 feet away) and leapt over the flowering plant. I did not stick the landing. I was laughing too hard. I fell backwards and ruined the yellow iris.


The cat panicked and headed for the house but her leash caught her up. Steve didn't know whom to rescue. He chose the cat, as the lesser able creature. I managed to get out of the garden bed without ruining anything else, but couldn't stop laughing. Laughing that hard with a full on head cold hurts. A lot.

This anecdote is all part of demonstrating that my decision making skills have been rather poor this week. Part of the class work for Karen's course is to find an image in the story books we like, and trace it or enlarge it or repeat it and then embroider it on a piece of fabric the same size as the page in the book.

As you can see, I was not in a sentimental mood. I chose the owl about to murder the mouse because that is about how I felt. In the book, the illustrator has the owl far away from one mouse and there is lots of room for the mouse to run away.

Not my owl. It's gonna catch something.

Last Sunday, Steve and I drove up to Wolfville to retrieve my story books and art from the fibre shop. I've had my art with me all week and have managed to do only these two small bits.

They are old bits of  sewing ephemera. I have two small instruction booklets that I hope to embellish in a similar manner. Can't say that I love the bottom one. Oh well.

I also managed to sew two t-shirts and one blouse.

I want to wear this one in the winter, but it has been so cold here that I wore it for a couple of days. It has a bit of a super hero kind of action going on, I just realize.

The back is a bit crazy also. Well, I wanted something colourful for the winter, and now I have it.The other one is a nice blue, same pattern, but calmer.

I found this fabric last summer and just love it. It is feminine but not sentimental. It is a light weight fabric, maybe a georgette.

I like the flirty sleeve. I bet that lots of food will appear on the cuffs. I've used this pattern before on a black floral sheer top. It fits nicely across the chest and has a nice drape across the stomach. There is a beautiful blue voile in my fabric stash waiting to be turned into a summer dress.

My goal every summer is to have a blank calendar with nothing other than "Camp" written down as many times as possible. It looks like I might achieve failure this year. In two days we are off to Ottawa to see Phoebe, head to Toronto for a wedding, bundle up my mom and bring her back here for 10 days. My other goal every summer is to be around the house when these little beauties bloom.

I call them Veronicas, but no other person with plant knowledge knows what I am talking about. The are sweet blue florets on a tall stalk, but the plant stems tend do droop over. There is just enough of a hint for me to realize I will miss the best part of this plant.

After we see my mom off, I go to Lunenburg for a 5 day summer school on sketching. In the meantime, the camera is primed, I have recovered from my scotch/painkiller excitement and have enough sense to pack an almost complete suitcase for our upcoming trip. I wonder what I'll forget?

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