Monday, June 13, 2016

Crazy ass week

Let's see, I forgot my art work at the wonderful Gaspereau Valley Fibres shop after the gathering of my textile arts buddies. Couldn't do a thing on either my two story books or stitching on my latest project. That was a kicker.

This little piece has been started and isn't going well yet. The face of the mother from the book 'Mama' is meant to go in the moon on one of the pages and I want to stitch it into the lace doily as well. Maybe it will work.

Steve was away for a conference and was sick while in Regina. The man has an aversion to cell phones and thinks all those other devices he carries will work, except that I only know how to work the phone and the skype phone. Contact was scarce, I was worried about him and let's just say a few words were exchanged. Do you ever feel guilty about yelling at a sick person? I remember once our son was being miserable, I yelled and eventually it turned out to be an ear infection. Yelling always backfires.

The garden continues to look lush. That has a lot to do with the drizzly rain we are having. When this blog descends to the level of discussion weather, you know my brain is on the fritz.

The memory card for the camera went missing. My stitch ripper was in the location where I usually keep the gizmo that gets used for transferring photos from camera to computer. This should have been a clue. I found the memory card in my sewing basket. Found it last night. No photos this week.

It isn't fun to do a blog without photos, so I bid you adieu until next week. There better be some sun, for all our sakes.

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