Monday, October 17, 2016

Creeping increments

Creeping increments might be one of those pairings of words where one means almost the same as the other. I forget what that is called? A redundancy? A trouser/pants? Despite this being the situation around here, it still feels good. I have managed to get around a few hairpin turns of decisions. First up though, the little table topper that will be mailed out tomorrow along with a handful of chestnuts.

Each 2 inch strip has a 2 inch square at the end with a little triangle of colour.

The squares alternate left and right.

There isn't any brilliance here. I looked at a bunch of "Modern Quilt" sites and pulled the idea from various places. The animal prints came from a local fabric store, Patch (here) that has fun cottons, some cotton/linen blends, some double gauze and some knits. All the colours and print motifs are super fun. The stack of fat quarters changes regularly, making it pretty hard to walk past. I'm always a sucker for an impulse buy there and be assured, I really don't need more cotton prints.The third fabric down, a very lightly sketched set of animals and plants, was used to make four table napkins and the remnants have been used for the backing. The fun bright Jacobean print is a favourite of mine and it has finally found a place where it goes well.

Every year I collect chestnuts from the sidewalks and the cemetery. I hand them out to people for their pockets. They act as worry beads but also help us to remember the passing of the seasons. I usually have one in each coat pocket, whatever the season. I am sure they have chestnuts in Ottawa, where my daughter lives, but just in case, she is getting a handful. 

It is amazing how long small projects take. There are about 8 hours in this set. But it's the love that counts.

On another incremental project, I had to tear this sweater back from fully completed and fitting poorly, to the armpits where it fit well.

It is now back up to the beginning of the neckline on the front. I'm short but have boobs from here to New Brunswick, meaning the diameter of shirts and sweaters is much more than I like. Mostly it bothers me because it takes so long to knit one round.

Tearing sweaters back is a heart breaker. I've been watching "Drop Dead Diva" while working on this, a silly legal + reincarnated dead model show, and am into season 4. The sweater needs to be done before the season runs out.

I did manage to get some stitching done on my latest squish piece, but nothing too obvious.

Hmm, I forgot to rotated the image. There is the beginning of some white french knots, some pink bullion knots, a little blue and purple spiral and a couched yellow thread, indicating the top of the bowl. The next step will be to get lots of green in the spaces and then the layering of more lace and applique and who knows what can start.

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