Tuesday, October 25, 2016

The Ark

I'm going to boast about my husband Steve, for a change. We've just returned from Prince Edward Island where Steve had a show open, "Living Lightly on the Earth, Building an Ark for Prince Edward Island, 1974-76".

Steve and his amazing assistant, Megan, standing beside a model

The show opened at the Confederation Centre in Charlottetown. About 100 people attended.

Three other exhibitions also opened that night, but I prefer to think that they were there for Steve's show.
In the background an exploded version of the interior of the Ark showing the green house and living area
The Ark was a building from the 1970's that demonstrated how integrated systems, such as agriculture, aquaculture, solar power, wind power and humans could live in a very habitable home.

On the opposite wall, the other half of the building.
 It was both a scientific experiment as well as a sociological one.

A life size section of the kitchen greenhouse. The video shows the family as the kids did homework and hung around in the family room
At the time, Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau flew in by helicopter (not to oil sensitive) to make opening remarks.

A different model of the final building design showing the greenhouse and solar panels
Steve and many others worked together to find design drawings, concept drawings, systems drawing, students made models of different versions of the Ark as well as the final design, videos were made and discovered and it was all pulled together by a fabulous team.

Megan was amazing. Two years of hard work and many problems solved. Thank you so much!
 Wine was served, canapes eaten and applause. It was a good night.

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