Monday, November 14, 2016

Newfoundland 2016

30th Anniversary ! We've been married that long but snogging for a lot longer than that. I thought it would be fun to celebrate by doing something bigger than a dinner out. Tickets were almost booked to go to New York when experienced travelers suggested that might not be the place to go with the US election happening. We turned north and decided that St. John's Newfoundland is the place to go.

Steve has a habit of getting a brilliant idea while on the plane and surprising me with somewhere to go immediately, despite footwear, travel wear and empty stomachs. This trip it was Signal Hill. The sidewalk was closed for construction; we hiked the stony path to the top. I am so proud of myself, I hardly puffed at all. The weight training is really paying off. What follows is a photo essay of our trip. Back to stitching in the next post.

A six gun overlook to the Narrows, and in the distance.... nothing.

On our shore drive to the south, we stopped in at the Ocean Sciences Centre, a Modern building in the shape of a sea anemone.

And there we saw some charming seals. They heard their keeper coming long before she showed up.

Cape Speer, the eastern-most bit of land in North America. The view is from the parking lot. The climb was up Quad-drillion steps.

Again, not much puffing going on, up or down.

Hello Portugal, the nearest land in an easterly direction.

I couldn't remember what this photo was about, and there is a double image in it. Then I remembered, it's about the fog. On Wednesday we visited the museum and art gallery, The Rooms, and the fog was dense. From out the upper viewing windows, there wasn't a view. And like Halifax, it can be so moist a fog that it seems to be raining

I love the look of our Coast Guard ships. They are a bit sporty at the front and have a bit of an ice-breaker look and the back has all kinds of room for different adventures. There were three in port while we were there.

I also like a working port. There are so many interesting lines and shapes and things just are always happening. It's a real verb kind of place.

This gives you an idea of the crazy assedness of the topography. We are at the bottom of the city, and up the hill you see a stair case that goes up two streets worth, followed by another hill and then all the houses at the top. Walking these streets makes the hills of Halifax and Lunenburg look like little berms.

And we survived climbing up Holloway Street. There should be a t-shirt. Most of the sidewalk was made of steps. Thinking back on it, these steps were harder than the climbs up to Signal Hill and Cape Speer. The couple at the upper photo... Buddy there decided to make adjustments to his coffee cup and was holding the stroller with one hand while fiddling. If I had been breathing, I might have run down after him to hold the stroller while he figured himself out. But Missus seemed calm about it and the baby didn't scream, so maybe it is a local immunity to the steepness? 

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